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Principal’s Welcome

It is an honour and an extremely humbling experience to have been chosen to start this new school in 2015.

I am passionate about teaching and making a difference in the learners’ lives. I wish to develop young people to have the confidence and skills needed to compete and make a difference in the ever-changing landscape of South Africa. I believe this is done by exposing each pupil to sport, culture and leadership opportunities, as well as giving them an excellent academic education.

Our mission is to provide a rigorous and technologically enhanced curriculum that will inspire creative, critical and analytical thinking, and to prepare learners to be productive and successful citizens who have higher-level critical thinking skills needed to solve problems in the real world.

Ek glo ook in die versorging van die leerder se gees. Die pastorale aspek van die jong persoon moet versigtig gekoester word ten einde hulle toe te rus met die vaardighede wat nodig is om ‘n bate te wees vir sy of haar gesin en die samelewing te wees . Ek glo ons moet ‘n manier vind om elkeen van ons kinders te help om hul hoogste potensiaal te bereik met die deernis en waardigheid wat elke mens verdien.

I embrace the concept of Ubuntu. Ubuntu loosely translated means “I am because you are – I can only be a person through others”. Ubuntu rests on the values of compassion, kindness and respect. Through these values this school will become an effective place of learning and teaching.

I fully embrace the rich diversity that we find in South Africa, and I will actively encourage both learners and staff to celebrate this in our school.

Wendy Horn


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