Maths & Science

Introduction to Maths and Science

Situated in Protea Heights, Brackenfell, Protea Heights Academy is a dual-medium Maths, Science and Technology (MST) focused school. We aim to provide our learners with a globally superior education, focusing primarily on maths and science, supported by advanced technology and world-class facilities.

With our technologically enhanced curriculum and focus on maths, science and technology we aim to inspire creative, critical and analytical thinkers, needed to solve the diverse problems of the real world. While excellence in education is what we strive for, developing a well-balanced learner is prioritized through exposing our learners to sport, culture and leadership opportunities, with the aim of creating well-balanced
learners who can go into the world and be impactful contributors.

What we offer

Protea Heights Academy follows the national Curriculum and Assessment Policy
(CAPS) in all our subjects offered.
In the General Education and Training (GET) Phase, all Grade 8-9 learners are
required to do all the compulsory subjects including;

English and Afrikaans

Life Orientation


Economic and Management Sciences


Natural Science

Social Sciences

Creative Arts

In the Further Education and Training (FET) Phase, all Grade 10-12 learners are
required to do the 4 compulsory subjects along with 3 choice subjects. Learners are
not limited to 3 choice subjects as additional subjects may be taken as an extra
subject, without attending classes in the extra subject.

Compulsory subjects;

English and Afrikaans

At least one language must be taken at Home Language level however, both may also be taken as a Home Language.

Life Orientation


As an MST Focused school, we do not offer Mathematical Literacy.

Choice subjects;

Physical Sciences

Engineering, Graphics and Design

Life Sciences


Marine Sciences


Information Technology


As part of curriculum enrichment, Coding and Robotics is also offered as an extra-mural activity. Since its introduction Coding and Robotics education has fosteredboth creativity and innovation, challenging and equipping students with the skills ofdesigning, building and programming their own robots. Students not only developtheir technical, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills but also the skills neededfor effective communication, team work and leadership.

At Protea Heights Academy we pride ourselves in providing world-class education, resources and facilities to assist in the development of well-balanced and functioning individuals in society. However, it is the meticulous attention given to the intangible elements of education that sets us apart from other schools. We believe that diversity and inclusivity is one of our greatest strength. This is achieved by providing our learners with a safe environment to embrace the rich, diverse and everchanging society we find ourselves in. We firmly believe that when learners are happy, healthy and feel safe to be the most authentic version of themselves, only then can they fully immerse in the skills, opportunities and resources provided to develop the skills and mindset to be active and responsible global citizens. Teaching on an international/global level Protea Heights Academy prides itself in providing an education that enables our learners to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed for securing a just and sustainable world in which everyone has the right to fulfil his/her fullest potential. This is done through not only focusing on what you learn but also how you learn. The quality of education and pedagogies experienced at Protea Heights Academy allows learners and educators to delve deeper into the root of concepts and allow learners to develop their own, well-informed opinion on global matters and concepts. This is achieved through a good balance between the quality of education and the support of advanced technology, to spark creativity, interest and innovation while nurturing the skills of critical and analytical thinking.